March 6th, 2015

stress headache

Here's a scenario:

A job has been posted for ten days. You applied a week ago on the standard fill in the blank internet application with a resume attachment. You are qualified for the position and have 6 years of experience in a similar position. You have heard nothing from HR. However, you have the head of the department's name and fax number. Do YOU fax a cover letter and resume? Why or why not?

You also are connected on LinkedIn to a person who currently works in the department, although you have never spoken. Do you reach out to them about the position?

They called me!
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What movies or TV series can you watch over and over again and still find them enjoyable? If you don't have any, why is that?

Do you have a "celebrity crush" that you think other people find a little weird/unexpected? If so, who is it?