March 4th, 2015

Danny Cavanagh - Hat

Today's question brought to you by leftovers in the fridge.

Hi, hello TQC,

Last night we ordered some sushi take out from a really good local place we go to every other week or so. I've never had this predicament, if you will, before. But I was not able to finish all of my sushi last night because we ended up with more than we usually have. Therefore, I've got a leftover salmon roll in the fridge. It's just salmon, rice and seaweed that was gotten late last night.

I'm a little hungry and I'm not usually too picky with leftovers. I won't have a problem with throwing it out if it's for the best but I thought I'd ask. I did google it and most of the results I got said it should be okay with a lack of flavour. I've eaten sushi for years but I've never had anything more than a piece or two leftover to warrant trying to save it.

What say you, TQC? Would you eat leftover sushi?


Quick question: I have a 90.00 gift card to Adidas and I don't want it (won't use it). What is the best way for to sell it (at a loss) online? I had thought I'd heard good things about Plastic Jungle, but I can't find them online. Any help appreciated!

ETA I really need the all funds to go towards medical bills, so whatever place you know of that is most reputable, or likely to give a good deal.  Danke.