March 1st, 2015

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Partner drinking while pregnant

A question for the ladies of TQC,
If you were pregnant, would you expect your partner to not drink either because you can't?  I'm asking because my flatmate is pregnant and before she got that way, she and her boyfriend went out a lot, loved a night out, or even an afternoon drinking session.  She obviously can't drink now, but he still does.  He works away during the week and at the weekend when he's here I always spot half finished glasses of wine etc.  Last night they had people over and the kitchen this morning is a state - so many bottles of rum, vodka and all sorts, half filled glasses etc.  So they've all gotten drunk around her.  I think that's fantastically unfair.  Maybe not the friends, but the boyfriend should cut back at least, if not stop altogether.
Maybe they have had this chat (I would hope so) and she's said she doesn't mind him drinking.  Although even still, in my opinion if he respected her at all he wouldn't.  Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned?
What do you think?

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I've ran out of things to watch on Netflix. What are some of your other favorite sites to watch newer movies or movies that are not yet available on DVD?

What is a good move you watched recently?

I watch the maze runner last night and I don't get what the purpose of the movie was. It was really weird.

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My best friend is getting married! She's asked me to officiate her cermony, which is AWESOME and I'm SUPER excited.

She and her fiance aren't really religious, and neither am I. Her dad and many of their family members REALLY are. It's been requested I mention Jesus "at least once." I'd like to include a Bible verse, but I don't wanna do the ones you hear at every wedding (Love is patient, love is kind...). Do you have any suggestions?

Serious and not-serious answers welcomed.

edit: The couple is totally involved in this process. It isn't a one-lady show. All final decisions go through them. I appreciate the concern for the couple, but they asked me to officiate because they trust me and I believe that trust is well placed.
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i'm hungry, so

1. Is there anything you absolutely won't eat?
2. Do you eat mainly fresh foods prepared by yourself, processed food, or meals someone else has prepared for you? (this includes takeaways).
3. Are you open to experimentation in your diet or do you just eat from a reoccuring menu?
4. What's your favourite meal of the day?
5. What did you last eat?

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