February 26th, 2015


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Imagine, TQC, that you bought a ticket for an event; at the time, you were quite keen on it, and it fitted in well with your other plans, in terms of travel and accommodation and so on. Then it got postponed, and the new date is actually kind of inconvenient, logistically, and you're just less enthusiastic all round. The ticket was not hugely expensive, and money isn't really an issue. Would you let the ticket go to waste, or deal with the logistical hassle in order to attend, because you bought the ticket and it shouldn't go to waste?

DK/DC; what's the last ticketed event you went to? Did you enjoy it?

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What book are you reading right now? How is it? What's it about?
I'm reading The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright. It started out very sad and is about an old couple that dies, but is told through the letters they wrote each other through life.

What book did you read before that? How was it? Do you recommend it?
I finished Before I Go by Colleen Oakley most recently. It was good - about a woman who has cancer and deals with her grief through it by trying to find a wife for her husband who will be there when she's gone. I recommend it . . . if you want to cry.
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stocking up

Do you have a surplus of any particular food in your pantry/fridge right now?

We have an overabundance of lentils, and also too much spinach. I actually can't eat much of either and the kid hasn't been cooking them.

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I've been in my job for 6 months, and had my appraisal today.
Becuase my boss has been distracted with other things, I haven't really received any training for about 3 months.
She fired a member of staff after I had been in the company about 2 months. When I asked if we would get a replacement about 2 months later, she said that she 'would rather pay me more'.
Before and after Christmas she said that she 'would like to pay me more', said that she 'would review my pay' and in the email booking my appraisal today said again that she would review my pay.

In the appraisal today, (which otherwise went very well) she was ready to leave the room before I mentioned the promised pay review. She said after giving it thought, she wants to hold off any pay rise until my training is complete. She thinks this will take 4 months. I think it will take a lot longer, also bearing in mind we are essentially 3 months behind schedule anyway. Who is to say that when that time comes, she will change her mind again, or that it will be just a token rise.

The wage I am on leaves me with very little to work with each month. I live in an expensive city and she is paying me the salaried equivalent of what a retail worker would get.

I don't think I was unreasonable to expect a pay rise after what had been said, and feel very disappointed and unmotivated to continue on this salary. I'm having to look at getting a second job. We are having another meeting to discuss goals and targets on Tuesday, so I will try to be brave and raise it then.
TQC- what's the best way to do this?

Tl;dr: Boss intimated I would be getting a pay rise, has changed her mind. My wages leave me piss poor. How should I raise the fact I need more money to live?