February 24th, 2015

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What's the name of that kind of table that sits on six linear actuators? I think it's a Scottish name... McSomething table...

DK/DC: How do you deal with a CEO who is basically absentee, barely communicates with anyone except to drop unexpected work on people, and readily acknowledges his lack of technical expertise but constantly makes technical decisions without consulting anyone?

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Assume you have two young children. If you had the opportunity to make 30-50% more at a new job but it was in a high crime area, would you feel comfortable working there? Would you move your family there? What is an acceptable commuting distance?
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Bobbing vision

I read in a forum that most people's brains adjust when they're running so that their vision appears steady.

This surprised me because my vision jumps up and down when I run (sometimes so much that I close my eyes for part of it) but I'd assumed this was the case for everyone and never considered it further.

I asked my wife whether this happens to her and she said it doesn't, but that I do have an odd run (this I am well aware of).

I don't have any known balance problems. I once tanked the walk heel-to-toe test but when I did it again years late they could find no sign of problems. This was done because I have hearing loss and they wanted to ensure it wasn't part of any known syndrome.

I have three questions:

1) Does your vision shake?
2) Have I just misunderstood what adjustment means?
3) Does anyone know the right key words or terms to put into google about this? It keeps coming up with things like running clubs or blurry vision after running.


I have another cat question

I adopted my first cat when she was a baby. I have not had any behavior problems with her.

I adopted a 4 year old cat this weekend. I had done considerable internet research prior to doing this about how to transition her into the household. My cat is behaving fine, so she's making the process easier. New kitty is scared, understandably. I've been going in the room we have her in and talking to her. She loves to rub on me. She'll roll on her back, expose her tummy, and be very sweet. She does the same thing to my SO.

However, whenever I've been in there with her and try to leave she attacks me. Both of my feet have bite marks on them now and I've had to start wearing shoes into the room with her because when I try to leave she bites me. She'll bite my boyfriend for the same reason.

Is anyone up enough on kitty behaviors to tell me why she's doing this and how I can get her to stop? I've tried googling it and can't find anything like this - I see new cats will bite you because they're scared or territorial, but not when the human is trying to leave!

Any advice?

dk/dc: What have been the biggest behavioral issues you've had with your pet? What did you do to curb the behavior?