February 20th, 2015

  • piperki

I'm burning for you

According to this article that summarizes a scientific journal article (thank you, Gizmodo, for not making me read that paper), the sun continues to damage your skin for hours after exposure.

On a scale of 1 (immediately after your arrival into this world, before sun touched you) to 10 (OMG permanently looking like a fire-blackened marshmallow), how sun-damaged is your skin?
lets leave!

The Whole30

Has anyone done the whole30 challenge? I've read the book, seen the blogs, and I'm about to give it a shot in a few days. I am currently having stomach, gerd, and certain other gut issues. I see a doctor and he gave me dietary guideline to maybe find some triggers etc etc it was pretty generic. So. I'm diving in for 30 days and seeing if this offers the results people have had.

Has anyone tried it?
How was your experience?