February 15th, 2015

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When I see a good looking person is kind of ok but if he/she have a pretty smile, it really throws a charm on me, so I care alot about my smile . One of my friends thinks dark and thick eyelashes is the IT factor and she cares about them alot and put make up everyday for it. Others might think boobs, skinny legs, eyebrows, hands... etc
I know what's really charming is a person's personality. but looking wise, what is the quality or feature that when someone's has it that person charms you and make you want to have it?.
sorry if the question sounds odd or rude, english is not my first language.
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  • callise

Looking for some anime recommenations

I wanting a funny quirky maybe even ridiculous anime.

I saw Devil Part Timer on Netflix. Though it was so funny, some times random too short.

or something like Wallflower.

Just want an anime that will make me laugh.

sooo anyone got any good funny anime recommendations?

alright you can recommend whatever anime, I really want a funny quirky one.

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so my phone got lost/stolen yesterday. I had an iphone 5.

My sister is letting me add a line to her Verizon plan so I can get a phone for free...my options are iPhone 5c or LG G3..

which would you choose? I'm partial to iphone...but the G3 looks kinda awesome..and such a huge screen.
Do you prefer iPhone, Android, or Windows phones?
What phone do you have?
Have you ever lost a phone or had one stolen? This is the first time in 12 years that I've ever had one go missing. :(
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All by myself

Poll #1999332 Alone again, naturally

If you can't be with the one you love, what should you do?

Love the one you're with
Know thyself
Binge eating
Binge drinking
Binge tv
Go buy some stuff
Sleep a lot
Work extra hours
Read the classics you skipped in high school
Other (explain in comments)

If you have to be by yourself, where would you prefer to do it?

All wheres are good
Coffee shop
Arena full of screaming One Direction fans
Reptile Gardens
Space Mountain
Top of the Astronomy Tower
Pineapple under the sea
Great green room
In da club
At Trader Joe's with a $100 gift card in your hand
Other (answer in comments)

Bonus: Post a photo of yourself taken within the last 24 hours.
Mine in comments below.
when the feat is over

help me beauty qweenzzz!!

or... you know... something resembling that. Alright, so, I'm eighteen and the only makeup I've touched is lipgloss and mascara once with diasterous results. The clumpiness... dear god. Anyway, that was when I was 12 and, needless to say I need some help. I don't know what products to get for a first timer and honestly? It's overwhelming walking into a Sephora or even a damn Macy's make-up counter, lol. I don't know how to create "looks" so I don't know what to start with so I decided to ask tqc some questions, and maybe you can share some other tips to help?

1. How do you 'start?' So to speak. I always see people with incredibly large collections and I can barely understand how that even began. What kind of stuff do you buy first? Why do people have so many different kinds of blush just from different brands? WHAT IS THE GOOD BRAND. (really, just answer the first question, the rest are just my inane ramblings)

2.How did you build up your makeup collection bc, tbqh, that shit is expensive. Some lipgloss I purchased recently was $5. lil tube. lil tube of gloss. cray, bruh.

3. This ties into my first -I'm more interested in that no makeup makeup look, lol. So, I guess that helps figure out where I should start a bit, but I'm not so sure. Are there 'staples' sort of like how there are skin care 'staples?' Like, do you need primer? It seems like such an artifical step.

4. tell me about ur fun makeup experiences.

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Google is not helpful.

I'm using my housemates chromecast. Netflix works fine from my iphone, but not from my macbook. I've tried restarting it etc but it's not having any of it. Any ideas?