February 14th, 2015

Mr. Pants Says

Home Sweet Home

Do you still live in the town where you grew up?

Are your folks still living in the house you grew up in?

If given the opportunity, would you purchase and live in the house you grew up in?

My Dad, widowed October 2013, has gotten engaged to be married. His fiancée doesn't want to live in his house (too big, too much yard, too many memories of Mom, etc). Dad has offered to sell me the house for way below market value ($90k for a house valued at $130-$150k). It is move-in ready, and I could easily see us living out the rest of our lives in this house.

The Great Big Issue is my little sister and older half-siblings (mom's kids). They're all upset, thinking i'm robbing Dad blind and denying them an inheritance. Thing is, even with the house, after all of the bills are paid, there's just enough to bury him and maybe take care of his future wife until she passes.

I told Dad that family means more to me than a piece of property, but without this opportunity, i will be stuck for a few more years living in an unsafe, too small trailer.

How do i make my siblings (who all own their homes) stop feeling jealous?
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For those of you who shave your nether regions, do you find that shaving in a certain direction really does make a difference as to whether you get ingrown hairs or not? What direction do you shave in and what brand/type razor and shaving cream/lotion/whatever do you shave with?

What's your favorite brand and color lipstick and lip gloss to wear?

Are you going to watch any movies today, online or in theaters? What are you going to see?