February 13th, 2015

TW Ianto Phone

Best LJ App for iPhone

Up until a week ago I used Vita to read and comment on LJ entries using my iPhone 4S. It suddenly and without warning stopped working. I tried resetting the phone, and then updating the app, but there were no updates to be had. I deleted it, thinking I'd just download it again, but it's been removed from the Apple store.

Any suggestions as to what to replace it with? The "official" LJ app has such terrible reviews (many of them quite recent) that I hesitate to even try it. What have you had success with? I don't mind paying a few bucks if it actually works.
  • piperki

oh this old thing

What article of clothing that you still wear often have you owned the longest? Not something you keep for sentimental reasons or because maybe someday that size or style will work again, but actually part of your wardrobe now.

Mine is a leather jacket that an ex bought at the Goodwill store but it was too small for him so he gave it to me, about 25 years ago. Also still wear a big ugly but warm wool sweater I've owned for 20 years.