February 12th, 2015


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I REALLY need a haircut and I love the salon near me, but they charge based on the experience of the stylist, so it varies between $35-$55. Is it okay to call and request a stylist 1 or 2 (the cheaper side)? I've had a stylist 1 do my hair before and she did a great job. I originally just planned to keep requesting her, but she left!

I'd like to keep going there but $55+tip is a very different price from $35+tip. What's the etiquette in this situation? Should frugal people like me just go to Super Cuts?

Whenever I'm hurt, my mom gives me dessert!

Decide what my family is having for dinner, TQC: coq au vin or teriyaki chicken?

Is there a food that you used to think, "Yeah, probably not ever going to be a party in my mouth" but then had it prepared in such a way that you enjoyed it? (I recently discovered that I like kale when it's part of a lasagne).

Do you have any jokes that you wouldn't repeat to a crowd, but that you would tell in the company of one or two friends who you know wouldn't think badly of you? Care to share it here?
lets leave!

Credit Question

I had a old school loan from 2005 for roughly $800. I was dumb and young did not pay it for about 3 years but I did pay it in full 2008. I'm pretty sure I can get my bank to show proof (wrote a check & they cashed it). It keeps showing up on my credit score. My score is average, and I fear this is one of the items holding me back. My mom (who mind you has no real education on the matter just opinion) said if I owed it still they would take it out of my income tax refund. I was told again by my mom you can dispute anything on your score. How?? To dispute it do I contact them, use a service, is there such a service?

Thank you in advance.