February 11th, 2015

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Have you ever used Lyft/Uber instead of getting a cab? How did you like it?

For Lyft, if you have a $20 free ride on your account, but your ride is going to be $26, will the $20 apply and charge you $6, or will it not use your free ride? I can't find clarification on their website/app in the articles.

Cat owners of TQC! Litter/Litterbox Preferences?

What are yours?

I have a 7.5 year old male cat who I've had since he was almost two. I've always used clay-based clumping litter with him, but recently got really tired of the dust it would create when I'd scoop or the dusty paw prints I'd find. I'm lucky that he's not picky and will use any brand as long as it clumps. Recently though, I switched his litter to World's Best, which is corn based and has almost no dust. I mixed in the last of his old litter with a bit of the new and he took to it right away without hesitation. I was a little worried since it's finer than clay that he'd have issues with its texture or the smell, since it's got a bit of a corn-y scent to it.

His box is a Clevercat top entry box. When we first brought him home, we had just a standard covered box for him and he used that for years. When I moved out, he came with me and transitioned to the Clevercat without any issues. I showed him where the box was once and that was it. If I ever get a new box at some point though, I'll probably just make my own out of a high-sided Rubbermaid storage bin and save myself $30.

dk/dc: what's for dinner tonight?


Speaking of Valentine's Day...

Do you think that Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart were ever legitimately attracted to each other? Or do you think their relationship was cooked up by the Hollywood spin machine in a bid to crank the Twilight maketing up to 11?

DK/DC/celebrity relationships are dumb: what are some songs you've been nostalgic over lately?

Online shopping

Have you ever ordered from lightinthebox.com?
How was your “shopping experience” - was the item as you expected? If you weren’t satisfied, were you able to get a refund? Most importantly, if you used a credit card, was it a safe transaction? Any regrets?

I found something there that I need and haven’t been able to find anywhere else, but I’m always leery of ordering online especially from sites I don’t know.

I’ve googled lightinthebox and the reviews are mixed, which doesn’t help me to decide. What says TQC?
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broken bone veterans, amaze me with your Aircast wizardry

I got an Aircast today and it is supposed to be less uncomfortable than the 5-lb walking boot I had been told to wear 24/7 except for baths. This Aircast I am also supposed to wear constantly. It is giving me some of the same problems when I lie down flat enough to sleep--my heel gets shooting pains from the pressure, the toe end of the device is pinching my toes, etc. I'm anticipating another painful night.

So far I have tried changing the amount of air using the handy pump/deflator thingy, which didn't help, and taking it off, which helped the pressure issue but my busted ankle can't take being out of a cast very long. Too unstable and ouchy. I have read on the internets that I could take off the plastic "tongue," but my doctor has not given this the OK and I don't want to do anything that will stretch out my recovery even one more day.

Have you had an Aircast before? Do you have tips for making it less uncomfortable?