February 9th, 2015


things to do in ABQ?

i'm going to be spending 5 days in Albuquerque and will have a rental car.
the travel wiki says eat green chili because it comes on everything, and they have lots of hiking trails and hot air balloons.

what should i do/see/eat while there? anyone here ever visited or lived there? please tell me about it!

have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride? what was it like? im thinking about going on one while im there, but im not sure how much fun it would be.

dk/dc/new mexico is where youll get abducted by aliens: if money wasn't an issue, what "extra feature" would you have in a house? examples: double walk-in shower, media room with elevated seating, in-suite hot tub, hidden room behind bookcase, etc. bonus for pics!

(no subject)

Where do you live?
Is same sex marriage legal there?
How were the days after it was made legal, when the marriage licenses were supposed to be handed out?
How did you handle all the negativity?

Marriage licenses were supposed to be issues today, but the Chief Justice of the state supreme court ordered probate judges not to issue marriage licenses because he was mad that the US Supreme Court struck down the ban on same sex marriage in our state, so only a few counties would even give out the licenses.  I'm not even in a relationship, I am just really anxious about everything that's happening and hating some of the people in my state for being such assholes who are using their religion as an excuse to deny rights to others.