February 8th, 2015

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Ugh tqc...I got in a fight with my friends a couple days ago and they left me here in Daytona. (Idk why we even argued..they got a free trip here..I don't wanna talk about it)

Now I have to take a greyhound bus home tomorrow. It's going to take 28 hours to get home instead of 14.

Any suggestions to keep me entertained?
The bus station is a little over a mile from my house...how much do you think a cab will cost? Do cabs take debit cards or do I need to get cash?

The algorithms?!

For those of you who follow NPR's Facebook page:

Has there been a weird glut of stories about Sweden/Scandinavia recently?

From my perspective there definitely has been, but I'm wondering if Facebook is doing some kind of tweaking (on NPR's behalf?) to match stories to my current location. Or maybe it's just that I notice them more often now? Or have you noticed a similar spate of stories pertinent to your (approximate) location?

DK/DC/I don't follow NPR on Facebook: what's your favorite kind of tea?