February 6th, 2015

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selfie request??

tqc, i was told some upsetting news tonight, and i am extremely curious to know if this person is full of shit or if i have been tragically naive this entire time.

i was out with friends tonight and was texting with a guy i have been casually talking to for a week. he asked for a pic and i went to oblige, but one of my friends stopped me and said to never do that because they only want it "for be reason," which is apparently for their spank bank--as told by her boyfriend.

i was very surprised by that, since it wasn't a request for an explicit or even teasing picture, but apparently "all guys do it," even if they don't admit it.

is this remotely true, or is he yanking her (and thus my) chain?

tl;dr/dk/dc: have you ever felt hopelessly naive? about what?

kids and $$

Did you get a weekly allowance growing up?
Do you recall how much/at what age?
Could you do whatever you wanted with the money?

Parents of TQC:

Do you/did you give your offspring a weekly allowance?
How much/what age?

Was the allowance contingent on chores/behavior/etc?

Can they do whatever they want with the money?

Om Nom Nom


What is your favourite flavour (and is there a flavour you detest)? Do you like iced tea, milk tea, or another form of bubble tea (like slush or smoothie)? :D Oh, and do you typically like tapioca or jelly in your drinks?!

And if you're not a bubble tea drinker (or don't know what the heck that is!): what's your favourite cold beverage? :)

(no subject)

For those who have seen Undercover Boss, who do the bosses think they are fooling?  I feel like the employees would see right through them even if they didn't know it was the boss, they would know something was up.

Followup question regarding the episode I'm watching now.  Do you think Armando Montelongo really made his money through flipping houses, or rather from his seminars?  They seem like a total ripoff, one lady paid $46,000 for a three day seminar.  That seems excessive.