February 5th, 2015

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Hey guys!
So I work in an Archery Tag facility. It's basically dodgeball, paintball, laser tag combined but using bows and foam tip arrows. It's awesome! Also does not hurt like paintball does.

Anyways, occasionally I'm in charge of music that is played during "battles" and game play. Suggest me some epic songs that I should play?! Songs that are fun, upbeat and energized etc. Bonus points for YouTube links!


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My date winced visibly when "Brown Eyed Girl" came on the music in the little cafe. She said she has had so many boys woo her with that song over the years that it is either painful or laughable. I don't need to mention that she has very brown eyes. Question Cult friends, has anybody ever wooed you with a song? Was it lovely, or was it ridiculous? She and I bonded over "Your Protector" by Fleet Foxes, by the way. 
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How did you go about getting a home loan? Did you go through your bank? Someone else? Did you find the house first before doing the loan or after? Did you use websites? How long did it take?

What are some responses you have used against someone who continually uses guilt-tripping to not talk about serious/important situations?

Don't know or care. What is your favorite happy gif? Youtube video?
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Fitness Trackers

Hey TQC! I'm thinking about purchasing a fitness tracker and am debating between the Jawbone UP24, the Jawbone UP (2nd gen.), and the FitBit Flex.

I'm looking for something that will last me at least 8-12 months with careful use. I've read all the reviews and have basically heard this: "These are shit. Don't buy a fitness tracker, loser!" Apparently, according to the user reviews on Best Buy, Amazon, and other websites, all of the above trackers don't last more than a few months but I've had personal friends who've sworn that they've had theirs for a lot longer (a year or more) that work perfectly. Also, I don't want to spend more than $100, don't care about looking at the time, and want the tracker to be able to fit on my ankle or wrist.

Either way, the question is, which tracker would you recommend?

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Do you say car-mel, or ca-ra-mel?

Where do you live/where did you learn to speak? If you're in the US, what region?

My roommate say "car-mel" and I say "ca-ra-mel" and we grew up in the same city, so I'm not sure which of us speaks weird for our region lol.