February 2nd, 2015


Thanks, but ARRRRGH!

Anybody else want to complain about someone who was really trying to be helpful, but really wasn't?

This question brought to you by my neighbor, who helpfully used their snowblower to clear my sidewalk, after I'd already shoveled and put out rock salt. Yes, it cleared more of the sidewalk, but I had to resalt and that bag is heavy and awkward to hold.

Bonus question: Does anyone know how ergonomic snow shovels are measured? My smaller one broke last winter and I'm worried I'll order one that's too long for me.
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Hotel Recs in Amsterdam?

Hi, TQC, I'm wondering if anyone here has stayed in Amsterdam before and could recommend a good, clean, safe hotel there. I have a preference for a hotel over a hostel, but if it's safe and clean I'll take anything you guys would recommend :)

Also, I know that's Florence in my userpic, I don't have a Dutch icon

DK/DC/What is this Amsterdam of which you speak: What was the nicest hotel/hostel/b&b you ever stayed in?
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Hi there, TQC. For the past few days I've been like a castaway--just about all my friends/regular correspondents have been too busy or otherwise unavailable for talk/text/IM/other, and since I'm stuck in bed I'm starting to get really restless. Going out is not an option. I spent the day working from home on a laptop, not the most rewarding of interactions.

Will you amuse me, since my peeps have all disappeared? Bonus points for entertaining GIFs, news stories, etc.
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My husband and I are house shopping and we're really interested in making an offer on this brick/stone townhouse. It was built in the 1930's and it has quite a few quirks. One of them being this TINY little wall niche that was built into the wall in an archway between the kitchen and living room. I told my husband I think it's there to house religious paraphernalia but he doesn't agree. He told me it could be a potato cooler. After much research, my findings are inconclusive!

To detail some quirks about the homes in the area: Most of them are outfitted with "an extra flush" in the basement, which literally just means an extra toilet. No sink, no shower or tub, just a toilet. It's useful and strange all at the same time. Most of the homes also are built with one bathroom, no powder rooms. A lot still have radiators, window-units for cooling in the summer and almost all are built with plaster walls and slate roofs. One of the coolest things I've seen in a home was a dumb-waiter hidden in a panel in the kitchen and a laundry chute.

Have you ever lived in a house that had awesome/quirky features?

Would you prefer to live in a recently built home? Or do you enjoy the oddities of older homes?

If you have bought your first home, what is the strangest thing you learned about it after moving in?

Don't know/Don't care: How do you like your coffee and/or tea?
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Exercise equipment

If you were looking to buy home exercise equipment, as opposed to going to the gym on a regular basis, which two pieces of equipment would you buy? (Supposing you wanted to work out your whole body). Money is an issue, so preferably equipment that would add up to no more than £700.

Preferably something with low-impact settings? (I broke my leg about three-and-a-half months ago, so I'd prefer something that will let me burn calories without putting too much pressure on my leg).

ETA: Space is also an issue. Our house is quite small.