January 29th, 2015


Patty cake, patty cake!

Anyone here work as a professional baker or cake decorator?

I'm trying to find ingredient info about cakes, and having no luck. About to head to a party where the cake is provided by Von's/Pavillions/Safeway. Do they use almond or other nut extracts in their white or chocolate sheet cakes? The baker I spoke to has no idea, nor did she have an ingredient list. Says the cakes arrive pre baked, and they only frost them.

It's simply about avoiding allergies.

DK,Dc, what is your favorite cake to make? How about to eat?

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What were the gifts that you enjoyed getting on Valentine's Day?

(I'm just looking for the "we're in a relationship and the gift made me happy" stuff ... not engagement rings or super-expensive stuff.)

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Has anything lolariously awkward happened to you lately?

I didn't mean to but I sort of called my ex an idiot today...it was a rare impolitic slip. I think he was a little miffed.
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depression/med dosage question

Hi all, I have a question regarding upping medication for depression. i know that y'all aren't my doctor (I saw her this past week) but I'm looking more for personal experiences. Since I have been on my meds steady for three months, we evaluated if it was time to up them from 20 mg to 40 mg daily. I said no, because while I feel better mentally, the current dosage leaves me really drowsy, even when I take it at night. my doc said she understood and just refilled my 20 mg script. When I was recounting the appointment with a friend, she said she experienced something similar, but when she upped, it made her less drowsy and she had a better result overall.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Logically, to me, it seems if 20 mg makes me that tired, 40 mg would make me twice as tired, but I am not sure how that works in regards to medication. Any advice or input?

TL/DR: what did you have for dinner? I had fried green tomatoes, wild mushroom crepes, and southwestern pasta. I love pass around dinners ☺️