January 28th, 2015

Baby Shower

I've been invited to a baby shower next month. I will be working nights then so I might not actually end up making it, but I'd like to get a gift anyways.

My friend is having a baby girl. She is basically Britta from Community. She is a vegan, she is a die hard feminist. She will be using cloth diapers, etc.

Anyone know of any hippie/environmentalist baby stuff I could get her? Or even a website with cute cloth diapers she might not have yet? I'm at a loss.


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Have you ever stumbled upon someone's FB and thought they were interesting and so proceeded to send them a message? What did you say/how did it go?

Considering sending a person a message, but feel like a creeper.
beautiful hagrid
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dog update

i posted a while back asking what breed you guys thought my dog was. the overwhelming majority agreed he was blue heeler / jack russell terrier. i ordered a DNA test from amazon called mars wisdom panel and the results finally came back but were not at all what i was expecting.

here are the pictures:
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my question is, do i trust these results? can you see it in him?

more pics to aid your decision:

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I'm baking cupcakes for a bake sale. Should I go with predictable chocolate and vanilla, or get a little exciting with margarita cupcakes?

What would you want to see at a bake sale? Brownies? Cookies? Pound cake?
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Random pics you keep

I have an exchange running with a friend. We collect nice/weird/cool/beautiful/strange/funny pictures from the web for the other one and at the end of each month upload our finds for the other to see. I already saved images from the web before we started this and have quite a collection and find it always interesting to look back, sometimes I sort through and throw away what I really don't care about anymore. Now my question:

If you also sometimes save nice/weird/cool/beautiful/strange/funny (non-private) pictures from the web, would you share your last 3-5 finds with me here in the comments?
(Source is cool, but I totally understand if you don't have one)

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Do you sort stuff you save from the web neatly? Or is it a big mess?
Would you be interested in a bigger "random pics" exchange?
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Transitioning from Active Duty Military ?

Hello all,

In about a year I will finally be done with military life and I am so excited. I have spent the last 8 years of my life moving from state to state and going on grueling deployments. I am ready to finally start living my life.

wondering if you lovely people had any suggestions of good places a single gal can start over?


1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
2. Anyone from Washington and/or know of any good small towns around there that are good for 30+ year olds?
3. How long have you lived where ever it is you live?
4. Got any handy dandy advice?
Westworld // The same but different
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tv shows

I need some new tv shows to watch. These are the ones I'm concidering.

what should I start watching?

under the dome
Bates motel
trailer park boys
pretty little liars
Marco Polo
Mad Men
Downton Abbey
Teen wolf

Want to recommend/ talk about some other shows?