January 25th, 2015

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be my personal trainer

I have been in bed since January 2 with a broken leg, and I have no idea how much longer this will continue. I can get up for short periods on crutches but if I'm out of bed more than 5 minutes, the leg swells up really badly, so I have to stay in bed most of the day. Consequently, I have not been to the gym in weeks. I am turning to a lump of jello. How can I stay fit? Help me, TQC Personal Training!
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Gun question

Around 11:20pm last night my husband and I heard a loud explosion outside that seemed to be coming from the street up a bit. We were in our room in our apartment. I thought a transformer exploded. But then we heard it again, and then 2 seconds later again. My husband told me "that's definitely gun shots". We heard about 7 shots fired 2-3 seconds apart in succession. You could tell it wasn't someone shooting at someone wildly. We live in a suburban part of town where people are not allowed to fire guns willy-nilly a 11pm at night. I called the non-emergency number and they sent a squad car out to investigate. My husband knows a little bit about guns and said it sounded like a pump-action shot gun - because of the sound it made and how loud it was.

Do people hunt with these type of shot guns?
With what I described, do you think it was someone showing off a gun to someone?
If you were to hear this in your neighborhood would you be scared?

We're trying to figure out what it was and why we heard it. I was pretty startled by it.
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Switching degrees?

I am currently majoring in Accounting, and I'm not entirely sure if it's for me. I love some parts of it (how laws affect certain parts of accounting etc.) However, I haven’t been liking any of my recent classes, and the idea of doing this forever kind of makes me scared. I can't change majors right now; I have a two year scholarship for accounting and I intend on using it to all of its potential.

So far this seems pretty straight-forward, but the problem is that when I consider all of the possible things that I'm interested in I keep coming back to Astronomy. Which isn't even closely related to Accounting. I have never taken an astronomy class, but I constantly find myself researching the subject online whenever I have free time and I never do that for accounting. It’s also been a few years since I've taken any science classes and I have never taken any math classes higher than Algebra 2.

How do I decide? Should I get a job as an accounting clerk after I get my AAS and see what happens? Maybe I’m just having anxiety because of tough classes? Should I go into a field I know little about, although it seems like something I would like?

BTW I'm 18 and am currently going to a community college that does not offer any astronomy classes, so I can't take it on the side to get a basic understanding either.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you,
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