January 24th, 2015


EFL Tutoring

(EFL) teachers of TQC, where do you get your vocabulary flashcards? I was gifted this set from an acquaintance when I taught in South Korea. I like the assortment of words, but I left them behind for the next teacher to use, so I need a replacement. The only thing keeping me from ordering another set is that I don't like that the word is printed on both sides; ideally there'd be a picture on one side and the word on the other. Any recommendations?

There are some free printables online but I don't have a printer or laminator at home, so that's why I'd rather just buy them ready-made.

DK/DC/I don't have the secret teacher supplies hookup: I am doing a long-running project with my tutees: we start every lesson by writing and drawing a single page that's going to go in an "all about me" book towards the end of the year. I'm good on prompts for a short while, but I could always use more. So far they've done pages about:

*themselves (name, birthday, like and dislike)
*themselves (some body parts, face parts)
*their family
*a favorite Christmas present
*winter weather
*what they like and don't like about winter

And what I'm thinking of doing:

*Valentine's cards for their parents (in lieu of a book page)
*"My Easter egg is x, y, and z." (colors)
*favorite food, animal, class at school, etc.
*summer, fall, and spring weather
*what they like and don't like about summer, fall, and spring
*what they want to be when they grow up
*what they did on vacation

They are 7 and 9 years old and reasonably bright. What else do you think would be fun for them to write about/illustrate?
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whats your limit?

While working somewhere there is always drama. At least at a certain level, but at what level is where you draw the line and quit your job because your over it? I am financially okay, I know I'll find something else. I just don't want to search and start over. I've invested myself in this company two years the GM is AWFUL and makes everything awful. Example: She makes my schedule, schedules me for days I specifically cannot work at times I cannot. I just suck it up and do it. I work 8-9 straight before A DAY on a WEEKDAY off. She gets 3 a week. Four days this week I closed, then open the store. Which means from when I clocked in say on a Monday its 11 am, I close the store at 11 pm and have to be back at 5 am leave at 3 pm. That is 28 hours with a 6 hour break that includes two commutes of 45 minutes, shower, sleep, and eat. It burns me out. She is into pills and I have alot of younger associates that do too and she swaps. It's very blatant. The drama is very high. I avoid it and just don't give in but she's the kind that gets kicks being vindictive. I've never been the target until this week. A supervisor called in (her sister fyi) and asked if I can open. Oh, because she cant wake up to "open." I said I couldn't because I actually had plans and was to come in at 11 am. The person who I had plans with was sleeping (this was around 9 pm via text talking). And I didn't want her to wake up to me cancelling. She was irate with me. I'm not a team player. I was fed up and said "You never open, you're the GM, you cover it. I shouldn't be punished for my 12 hours off last notice." So why not go to a higher authority? Well in my company there are 22 stores in the fiscal year of 2014 she's the only one making profit and steady making higher sales. So, if I call and complain, they'll call her and I'll have put a target on my face and back.

I'm just wondering how stressed can you get before you say fuck it? Would you just wing it out because the good money (its really good :( ) or just deal with the drama and wait for someone else turn and a SHITTY schedule.
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First Dance

Married people,

Did you have a first dance? What song was it to? Did that song have any sentimental value or did you just like the song?

Have you heard a song since you were married that you wish you could have had?

My husband and I danced to Rule the World by Take That. It's off the soundtrack for the film we watched on our first date (Stardust). I recently fell in love with Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and kind of wish that song had been released before our wedding.
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In movies we often see a guy long for some girl, girl doesn't think of guy that way or just friends, guy chases after them by the end the guy gets the girl.

Can you name movies or media with the reverse of above? Where girl longs for guy, goes after and ends up with them.

How about real life of this?

Iphone 5c used to keep me logged in LJ, Facebook, bing, but now I always have to sign in. Any one else know how to fix this problem?

Oh I had a friend have an iPhone, then changed now back to iPhone...how do I changed her texts back to iMessages?