January 23rd, 2015



What do you use to keep your teeth feeling fresh and unplaquey between daily tooth brushings?
How many times a day do you brush?
Do you floss regularly?? Rlly?

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Have you ever cried in an attempt to manipulate a situation? Did it work?

Brought to you by the sudden recollection of the one and only time I did this: When I was a kid, my allergist told my mom that she should consider getting rid of our pets (a dog and a cat). On our drive home, I started crying and begged her to keep them. She looked really concerned (yay for being the kid who doesn't cry very often!) and agreed that we'd see how things went, but that if my allergies worsened, we'd have to reassess the situation.

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TQC, can you translate eggs for me from US to UK?
Like, if I look at an American breakfast menu, it has eggs over easy or sunny side up or just fried or, whatever. What do all of those things actually mean?
And how do you like yours?

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What kinds of things do you like caramelized onions on?
What kinds of things do you like stuffing into bell peppers?  I made sloppy joe stuffed peppers and they were amazing.  I want to try a philly cheesesteak stuffed pepper recipe I saw, and I think some kind of spaghetti or pasta stuffing would be amazing.  

change your own oil

please help settle this heated discussion.

is it "good advice" to tell someone they should change the oil in their car themselves, as opposed to taking it to a shop and paying someone to do it?

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dk/dc/cars are for people who hate the environment: what are your weekend plans?

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I'm planning on making a bunch of quiches for a crowd of people this weekend. What should I put in the quiches? Say it's going to be four different ones. I'm already planning on one with pancetta, caramelized onions, and cheddar, and probably one with spinach and feta. What should I put in the remaining two?

Is this guy into me or am I just paranoid?

Ok so I've been out of the dating game for over 5 years. And the last time I was I was 22 when people acted differently than they do at a more mature 27-ish.... And I was never good at telling when people liked me before so I'm really clueless now.

So I have this friend who is a male and he has been acting.... different toward me lately. I am a hugger. So I hug people hello and goodbye. And when I get to this friend to hug goodbye he definitely holds the hug longer than a standard goodbye hug. Like I'll go to pull away and he pulls me back in for a few more seconds. Then the other night I was sitting when he left so we did like a high-five, but instead of just a slap he kind of held his hand against my hand for about 5 seconds. These things seem strange to me. I'm not sure if he's just a feely guy or if this is some kind of subtle flirting?

Thing is I'm in a relationship. And so is he! So if this is a flirting thing I want to shut it down, but if it's not I don't want to feel like an idiot by saying something about it.

So guys and gals what do you think, flirting or am I paranoid?

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A girl I know is getting married this summer. I am in the wedding party. It's very strange because we have a very up and down friendship. She has no other friends really so I wasn't surprised to be asked but it's just different. Other weddings I've been in have been so exciting, but I've been feeling really apathetic toward this one. Things have just been strange ie: She asked me via text "do you want to be a bridesmaid".. and there was a bit of drama over the dresses and things.
I feel like I really need to change this, and help her get excited. Regardless of our friendship.. it's her wedding and I want it to be special... the other bridesmaids are our other mutual friend, her fiance's sister and her brother's girlfriend. She doesn't know the girlfriend or the sister well at all, and my other friend has made it very clear that this is a hassle to her.

We have our bridesmaid dress fitting in a week and I want to make it special so that she knows I'm excited for her.
I have a bottle of champagne and I'm making macaroons (those are her favourite) but what else can I do? It's mostly just a way of me saying "I'M IN THIS.." I know she feels awkward about the whole thing so I want her to know that she can count on me to be there for her.

Even things that aren't related to that day. How can I be a good bridesmaid and make her feel special?