January 22nd, 2015

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  • aviv_b

Magical Intent

Does magical intent encompass a failure to act which results in harm to another? I would think it does, but I've been unable to find any writings on magical intent and inaction. Can someone point me to source for this topic?

Actual locks preventing laptops from being opened?

Without going so far as wrapping a bicycle chain and padlocks around my laptop, do they make such things as manual, physical locks for laptop computers, so that the laptop cannot be opened? I'm looking for something streamlined and sleek, a simple lock you slip on or plug in, a combination lock perhaps? Nothing ridic.

And to clarify, not a lock that prevents your laptop from being stolen from its physical location on a table or something, but that prevents it from being opened and accessed, something that goes beyond a user password upon opening the laptop.

(no subject)

A couple of days ago, I discovered a movie I use to really like is finally out on dvd and ordered a copy.

So, since I haven't seen it since, maybe, the very early 90s, how much am I going to regret this? Do you think the fact it was only $5 will make a difference?

What older movie do you wish was available to buy or stream?