January 21st, 2015

Needing New Kicks

I need new workout sneakers. I don't even know what brand I currently have, but they are starting to fall apart. Anyone have a brand/kind that they would swear by? My exercise usually consists of going to strength training classes, playing basketball with coworkers, or stationary bike/spinning. I need something that'll be multi-useful! I guess my price range would be hovering around $50-$80, but I'd pay more for the right pair of workout kicks. Any suggestions?

Alt. question: what's your favorite/least favorite exercise? (I love the stationary bike and swimming, but I HATE anything to do with those step-up boxes, and I absolutely suck at yoga lol.)


I have 12 plastic bottles that have a 10 cent deposit refund...in .Michigan. I am going to Michigan in March. Do i hold on to them until March....or just recycle them here in South Carolina???

Grumpy Angel

Learning to invest - resources?

We finally have our debts paid off, a retirement savings plan in place, and an emergency fund.  I'd like to learn a little bit more investing (specifically, something higher risk than mutual funds, tax free savings accounts, etc.).  Do you have any recommendations for books or websites that I could use to get started?  I'm in Canada if it matters.

(no subject)

For some reason this year, I have a new found obsession with learning as much as humanly possible. So far I've taught myself how to knit, I've learned how to play the Pokemon card game, and now I want to learn how to decorate cakes, crochet, and speak Japanese. I also want to get good at ASL.

Do any of you have any suggestions for cool stuff I can learn this year?

(no subject)

I am going to Berlin! (In April)
Where are the best places to stay, the best things to see and do?
We're on as tight a budget as possible (but also in a good area) for accommodation, 3 of us happy to share.
We're into sightseeing and enjoying what people go to Berlin for, but also anything weird, wacky and wonderful and a fair bit of partying.
Advice me up?!

(no subject)

does anyone here make candles at home? I tried my hand at it for the first time yesterday, but the tutorial I used.. well.. I didn't like it much. I ended up not having enough wax. and when the candle finally solidified and I lit the wick, after about 15 minutes, the wax did not pool properly (it instead melted downward into the wax instead of outward to burn the entire surface of the wax).

Anyone have any good tips, tricks, or a good tutorial?