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January 18th, 2015

(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2015|09:01 am]
The Question Club


What TV show do you love to watch that most people think should have been canceled long ago? For me, it's Two and a Half Men.
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2015|10:50 am]
The Question Club


Do you think Rachel was unreasonable to Ross?  I mean, they were on a break.  
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Pedometer advice [Jan. 18th, 2015|04:58 pm]
The Question Club


I would really like to get a new pedometer. But I'm a little picky about the kind I get and I'm having a hard time finding one I like. For example, I like the FitBit Zip because it's small and discreet and I could probably hide it under my clothes very easily, but it's also quite expensive ($50 or more). I have found cheaper ones but they all seem a lot bigger/bulkier and harder to hide under clothes.

What I'm looking for:
- small and discreet, the smaller the better
- Comes with a belt clip (doesn't matter to me if it's permanently attached or is removable)
- Not easy to reset (e.g. I don't want to find out that it resets every time I bend over because I hit the reset button when I do)
- Preferably under $25

I'm not too concerned about extra features like all the ones that come with the FitBit. I really just need it to count my steps each day.
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Latin question... [Jan. 18th, 2015|07:03 pm]
The Question Club


Is the expression "quos deus vult perdere prius dementat" grammatically correct in Latin?
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Excited [Jan. 18th, 2015|11:33 pm]
The Question Club


I will be visiting USA (specifically San Diego) for the first time evar!!!

Where would you recommend me to go?

Any recommended food joints?

If I'm driving, are there any other nearby cities I should go to?
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