January 17th, 2015


I'm planning a trip to Florida...and I need help.

My friends and I will be visiting from February 12-18. We have to be in Orlando on the 12th and 13th. We also have to visit Daytona for at least a day.

What other coastal city should we visit?
Any suggestions for cheap entertainment? Right now our only plan is to sit on the beach every day...but I'd like to work in some cheap attractions.
I'm funding the entire trip..so the cheaper the better.
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Basically, I want to spend my husband's vacation time every other year visiting my family in the US. He wants to spend every year doing a big travel, which he has always done. How unreasonable am I being?

How would you approach this with your partner?
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We purchased a home which is going through construction. for at least two months, there have been puddles along the foundation in the back yard. I've never seen the back yard dry.
I'm confident that they will level out the yard and not leave us with a yard they dug up. My question is should i be worried about the foundation? If so, what actions to take? I'm assuming if i should be concerned, the damage is already done. (They used post tension slab method, if that makes a difference)