January 10th, 2015

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If you were a parent or guardian, would you read to the child to give them an opportunity to learn how to read before they started school? I don't mean aggressively teaching, just reading them stories.

At what age did you start reading?

My parents were both teachers (elementary and high school) and they read books to us and I could read at 3 years old. My spelling skills have always been pretty good. My dad I don't think was a fluent reader until he was around 13, and my mom had a relative who was illiterate and she needed correspondence read to her out loud (she was hard of hearing too, so privacy was sometimes an issue) so maybe that was partial motivation for my parents to encourage us to read.

I was just talking to a parent at work and he said he "lets kids be kids" and "they will learn in school" but kids are such sponges at around 3-4 before they begin school, seems a shame to not tap in to that. He did say his one kid learned how to read fairly early his own without much encouragement.

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Bridal Shower Question.

Next Saturday I'm going to the bridal shower of my husband's friend's fiancée.

The invitation says that "Nick and Jackie already have everything they need. Please help us celebrate their marriage by bringing something they can use on their honeymoon"

They're going to Vegas for their honeymoon.

Is this another way of saying,"Bring money as a gift?"

What do you think?

I don't know her very well and don't really have any ideas otherwise.
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What happened to "moods"?  Has it been THAT long since I have posted an entry to even realize that it is missing? :( 
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My hair has a lot of red in it. I want to dye it brown. If I do a bleach bath, will it lift enough to put a brown over the top without too much red?
I'm trying to save the condition a bit too. I also have about an inch of natural roots

This is very trivial, in the grand scheme of things.

If you had a big birthday coming up and wanted to create an event on Facebook for it, how early would be too early, in your opinion?  My birthday is in early March, and I was thinking of giving people from the start of February - but my problem with events created before is: too early and people forget, too close to the time they already have plans.  When would you expect to get an invite to a party in March?
I just need some kind of perspective please kthx =)
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pt/dr confidentiality

if i've been taking prozac from a friend who is on it but doesn't use it, and i tell my doctor that it has been working for me and i'd like my own script, will it be reported to the authorities or anything like that.

i know you're supposed to be monitored by a doctor whilst on SSRIs but it's a long complicated story. that's why i want to try and get on my own script. i'd like to tell my doctor all relevant information but i also don't want to get in trouble.

ETA: america. wisconsin.