January 9th, 2015


Let's all go to the lobby.

What's a movie I should watch that I've probably never heard of?

My answer would be Castaway on the Moon. It's about a man stranded on an island, but within site of the city he comes from. He can't get off the island, so he starts a life on it. In the city, there's Or if you prefer British comedy, there's a recluse with a telescope who sees him on the island and tries to communicate with the castaway.

Or if you prefer British comedies, there's always Bullshot.

When does the hurt end?

So I have an ear infection in both ears. I am on day 3 of antibiotic treatment for the left ear, and day 2 for the right. The left ear has a wick since it was swollen shut, but funnily enough it seems both ears hurt a lot equally.

Does anyone know at what point does the pain start to ease off? I've been hurting since at least Monday or Tuesday and it's agonizing. For the first two days I couldn't even sleep. Now most nights I get maybe 1-4 hours sleep and I am up and active at 3:00 am (4:00 am if I am lucky). I feel like I can't function or get anything done. The pain comes and goes randomly so sometimes I feel alright aside from swelling. The last pain-free period I had was maybe around 6 PM after soup and tea, the ear drops, and the acemetophen.

Second question: if I am taking as many acemetophens as possible short of what would cause liver damage, would easing off of them make my pain worse? I don't know if having 4,000 mgs every 24 hours is even going to help me through this. It doesn't even feel like I'm getting pain relief. But I am afraid if I stop I'm going to hurt even more. 
Chandler & The Drill


Which country do you live in? How much do you tip for various services, assuming good service? What would you do if the service was particularly good or particularly bad? What do you consider the tipping norm is for the country you live in? (I’m in the UK, my tipping habits are in brackets.)

(20% rounded up to nearest pound for good service, I’m aware that’s on the generous side for the UK. The most recent time I had shitty service, I just let my husband pay the bill knowing he’d only tip politely, not generously.)

(If the bill’s less than ten quid, I round up then add another full pound. I’ve never encountered a really awful taxi driver. If I did I guess I’d just round up to the nearest pound, then complain to their company.)

(Okay this has always confused me. I’ve only had my hair cut twice by someone else as an adult, because I normally do it myself, not having an actual haircut. Last time, I had a local door-to-door professional give me a trim. It cost £10, I gave them £15.)

(I don’t tip bartenders unless I’m abroad, which doesn’t occur often, but if I’m in America I tip two dollars for a basic drink and three for a cocktail.)

Hotel Housekeeping?
(I leave 3 dollars per day in the US, plus 10-20 dollars on my final day depending how long I’ve stayed. In the UK I only ever stay for one night and that’s rare, I usually leave £5.)

Is there anyone I should be tipping that I’m not tipping? Are any of my tipping amounts off? Am I being too mean or too generous to anyone?
Avienne by Kasune

On the Topic of Seasonal Depression

It's getting to be that time of year where the miserable weather and cold decides to kick me in the ass with a hardcore case of Seasonal Affective Disorder; I have problems with depression and anxiety the rest of the year anyway, but January/February tends to be the worst with holiday social burnout and SAD piled on top of it all.

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Don't Know / Don't Care / Whatever: Could you recommend me some fantasy-genre books to read? I'm currently reading Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn (again... for like the 12th time... It's my favorite story, admittedly) and am looking for something new to start when I'm done. Preferably I like things about dragons, unicorns, mermaids, things like that!