January 6th, 2015

Won't Touch That.

What's the ONE thing that when you see it on your plate, you're quick to scrape it off and dispose of it? What is your LEAST favorite food?

My absolute least favorite food in the entire world is cucumbers, any kind: sweet ones, pickled ones, hard crisp crunchy ones, ANY cucumbers in any form. I don't like cucumber-infused water, and I HATE tzadziki sauce (it's a combination of two of my least favorite foods: cucumber and yogurt). I hate cucumbers so much that if they're touching my favorite foods, I won't eat the part of my favorite that the parts of my least favorite touches. My sister and two of my best friends won't touch ANYTHING that has tomatoes in it (my sister won't eat anything on the same plate as tomatoes or ketchup).

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I used to really love roller derby. Then my league got political. I took a break, and re-started when I moved to the US. That league was super bitchy, so I changed to a different one. They got political and broke up. During this time I also injured my shoulder, and it's still not quite right a year or two on.

I moved to a new place after another break, and joined the team here. They're lovely and friendly, but there is some simmering politics. I have been staying out of contact drills because of my shoulder, and actually not attended for about a month because I don't get much joy from it any more. However it has been fabulous as a social aspect in a new town, which i'm not sure would carry over if I no longer was a league member.

I have considered going back in as a ref, but the whole sport just doesn't grab me like it used to. I can't take the drama, politics and heartache that seems to come as part and parcel with it either.

So, do I give it one last chance, and try to throw myself into reffing, or just accept that I already have a busy sporting schedule (krav maga and trapeze) and retire myself?

dk,dc: What sports do you do?
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sing me to sleep

I often find a perfectly good night ruined by a stressful thought that my mind won't let go of--keeps me awake and/or makes me sleep fitfully. For me the worst are things other people could help alleviate but they don't--that adds to the stress level.

What thoughts keep you up at night? Do you deal with them better by day?