January 2nd, 2015


I have a pretty high pain threshold, but right now I'm in the worst pain of my life. I woke up on Tuesday morning with a pain deep in my hip. Yesterday, it moved to the middle of my lower back near the base of my spine, and right now, it's closer to the hip again, but the opposite hip. I will see a doctor if it doesn't improve, but anyone have any idea what it could be? It hurts the most to be in a sitting position.

Alt. questions: what's your pain threshold? What's the worst pain you've ever been in?
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Antonym Book Titles

I'm planning on undertaking the 2015 Reading Challenge, but am struggling to think of books that have antonyms in the title.
I can think of War and Peace - which is a huge tome that I don't really want to read if I can avoid it, and Angels and Demons, which I have read before and would much before a book that I haven't.

Any ideas?

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I'm FB friends with my ex-husband. He's not very active on it. Like maybe half dozen times a year he'll update with something. So this means we have basically zero interaction. Every once in a blue moon I'll hear from him about something. (Once was when our cat died, the other when his mom had breast cancer)

Today I received a call from Viking Collection Services looking for him. I've had this phone number since 2006. We split up in 2001, divorce was final in 2003.
I found it extremely odd that they would call my cell phone number asking for him.

In any event, the representative asked if I could forward the message to him.

Why would they have this phone number for him?
How would they even connect my name with him? (Being that I am remarried and have a new name.)

Should I forward this message? Or just stay out of it completely?

What would you do?
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DIY bluescreening

I'm having a bit of difficulty doing bluescreen effects, and I'm looking for inexpensive places, preferably places I can drive to rather than order online, to help with it.
I have movie software. I don't think that's the problem. My problem is that what I want to accomplish doesn't work. It's like I'm trying to reinvent the wheel or something.
I have a dark brown dog puppet. I want to record it in front of a blue backdrop and chroma in different backgrounds. I'll buy a large blue piece of posterboard or something, and it always ends up looking washed out or purple, and the puppet ends up disappearing when I try to adjust the chroma.
It looks worse with regular light, since my apartment is dimly lit.
I'm thinking maybe the lighting needs to be better, but I have no clue what kind of lighting I should get, or where I could inexpensively find some. I'm thinking the floodlight I purchased made the wrong color light.
I'm in an apartment, so I can't just paint the wall blue. Not sure that would help anyway.
So, any suggestions on:
*What kind of lamp to get at a store (and `install' without violating my lease)?
*Good places to buy a really huge piece of bright blue material, in the right hue?
*Best inexpensive camera to use for the job?
*An affordable bluescreen program other than sony vegas?
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The ideal pair of goggles: am I being an insufferable pickypants?

I'm seeking goggles that would lend themselves to a reasonably retropunk fashion statement but also provide the right kind and degree of UV protection to serve as functional sunglasses; my clothing budget doesn't allow a lot of room for pure costume accessories. My further requirements:

1. They'd need to fit over a largish pair of prescription glasses--requiring a bridge rather than separate lenses.

2. They ought not to look too brazenly modern; since my particular flavor of steam carries a strong whiff of diesel, matte plastic in a subdued color (which could be construed as gutta-percha or Bakelite) would be just fine.

3. It would be even better for them not to be ruinously expensive.

(These welding goggles fulfill conditions #1, #2, and probably #3, but I've discovered welding goggles to be too dang dark for casual wear in non-welding situations; these two styles from Harbor Freight, worn in blazing noonday summer daylight, enabled me to discern the approach of a bus but not to read the destination display on its sign.)
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what breed do you think my puppy is?
the lady i got him from said he is half chihuahua, half jack russell, but she also said he was a girl and he has a pretty obvious penis.
also he is spotted kind of like a dalmation. and he has one blue eye which i read on a random unreliable source is more common in dalmations.
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