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January 1st, 2015

(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2015|10:30 am]
The Question Club


What's one of the biggest messes you've had to clean up?
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How can I fix this curry? [Jan. 1st, 2015|01:02 pm]
The Question Club



Happy new year peeps! I made a red lentil curry a couple of days ago and although I followed the instructions, it came out too tomatoey and acidic. It's good, but not great. Is there something I can add to it to mellow it out and make it more palatable?

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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2015|03:40 pm]
The Question Club


If you had to pick one magical thing/ability to bring to life, what would it be and why?
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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2015|09:50 pm]
The Question Club


If you've used them, what is your experience with removable wall decals? I'm looking for something to put in my bathroom. Tell me what you like or don't like brands I should look at or avoid etc. Right now I'd like something with blue and/or purple and right now trying to see if I can find something like a tree or plant but I'm open to other ideas.

Also, if you've used it what are your thoughts on wayfair.com? I'm thinking about ordering some bed sheets from there
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Journal Back Up [Jan. 1st, 2015|10:41 pm]
The Question Club


Happy New Year!

Do you back up your journal entries? If so, how do you do it?

I have a Dreamwidth account that I don't really use so I'm thinking about just backing up all of my entries there but is there a better way? An easier way? I just wish LJ had an easy export feature that I could run every once in a while.
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