December 31st, 2014

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TV viewing

Is The Knick any good? It looked like it would be interesting so I se the PVR to record it but haven't actually watched any of it. And now we're moving in a month and our PVR might be filled with the shows we actually watch but just don't have time to while we're packing and getting everything ready.

So should I keep The Knick to eventually watch or should I dump it to get more space on the PVR?

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What are you doing for New Year?
When do you go back to work?

I'm going to use our surround sound system to play music off - will it be OK playing loud music for a few hours, or do I risk blowing it up?
Bite me, bitch...

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This is one of those condensed, but still decidedly long-winded "what would you do" scenario questions. Pretend your life sucked this badly and play along. :P

The year is 2010. You're 19 years old, don't know jack, and staying with your best friend from high school and her borderline racist crazy boyfriend. Without notice, he gives you three days to leave the apartment...

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What would you do?