December 29th, 2014

Isaac Of The Corn

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Do you have a landline phone at home?


For those of you that do have a home phone, why? Is it out of habit or necessity? If you don't have a home phone, when was the last time you had one / lived with one?

I don't have one currently, and haven't had one since roughly 2003.
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Suggestions for Songs

I'm looking for variety on my iTunes playlist. Could you help pick out some songs? Here are my tastes:

- Fan of almost all genres (except for most rap, metal, jazz, classical, etc)
- Fan of every decade of music out there (50s to current)
- Fan of well-known artists and bands, but wouldn't mind lesser-known people

The more non-pop music, the better. Any classic music (50s - 70s) is even better.

I'm just out of ideas.

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Do you need to take your jewelry off when going through a metal detector at the airport?  I'm going to be flying Wednesday and the airport I'm going to only has metal detectors, no body scanners or anything like that.