December 26th, 2014

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For people who wear bras: where is your favorite place to buy them? I usually get victoria's secret or hanes (Which doesn't even have my size listed on the website randomly) and I was thinking of trying something new.

(Especially for sports bras!)

For those who don't: what food do you absolutely refuse to try no matter what?

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What does your favorite coffee mug look like? Mine is red and white striped with a thick handle.

What do the plates in your house look like? I recently just bought new plates from Cost Plus World Market. They are white porcelain and have a subtle design around the edges.

kitchen knives

good morning, TQC!

i've decided to replace my hodge-podge of kitchen knives that are anywhere from 10 to 20 years old (a lot of them came with me when i moved to florida in 2003, and we'd had them for years before that) with a set that's a little sturdier, as i'm cooking from scratch more these days and i'm finding myself increasingly frustrated by what i have in the knife block.

i'd like them to come in a variety of sizes, be built to last awhile, and am not opposed to considering it an investment. aside from that, i'm open to any and all suggestions.

DK/DC: what are your plans for today? (i'll be doing some baking - banana bread and amaretto chocolate chip cookies.)
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selective moving

I've hired movers for next weekend. I'm moving, but not everyone in the house is moving with me. What's the best way for me to label/identify the items I want movers to take? I have hired these guys to move the whole house before, and they work fast (which is good, because I pay by the hour) but it could be confusing because not all the furniture etc. is going to my new place.