December 24th, 2014


When is Christmas music over?

I volunteer DJ at a non-profit radio station. We play an eclectic mix of Blues, Jazz, Folk (which includes Americana and Country, somehow), Worldbeat, and alt-rock. At the start of December our Music Director hauled out a ginormous case of holiday music that fits into our format. It's up to us to choose whether to dip into it or not.

My next shift is day after tomorrow, which is the day AFTER Christmas. I wouldn't be playing more than 2 seasonal songs per hour anyway, and I choose from the off-beat and unlikely instead of the standards, but should I play any at all? Is December 26 too late for Christmas songs on the radio?

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If you celebrate Christmas, what are you having for dinner tonight?
What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

DK/DC - What is the next place you'd like to go on Vacation.

I am having lobster linguine with breaded/fried shrimp and scallops as appetizers. It's a traditional Christmas Eve meal I've had every single year from when I was a child. I'm continuing the tradition.

I'd love to go to Japan next.

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Someone brought up Home Alone movies that aren't Home Alone or Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Are you sure those weren't just a hallucination or nightmare brought on by tainted eggnog?

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Are there any of you that actually enjoy ranch dressing? I'm not convinced that everyone isn't just saying they do to fit in or something. I don't understand the point; there's no nutritional value in the stuff.
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It's Christmas Eve morning and your boss says you can leave 2.5 hours early, just as long as you make up the time the first week after new year. Do you go early or work your normal hours?
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awkward Christmas gifts

What's the weirdest/most uncomfortable/most awkward Christmas gift you've received?

I got a hideous sweater one year AND some awful boots, which were both things I requested but the sweater was an incredibly bad color and weird pattern and an odd cut, and the boots were that odd shade of yellowish brown usually reserved for work gloves, plus a style I never would have picked. And I felt it was my duty to wear these things until I outgrew them, without complaining. And I was in middle school and not looking my hottest even before I put these things on.