December 20th, 2014

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seeking a short story

Trying to remember the name and author of a short story. It was published some time no earlier than 1935 and no later than the 70s. It was not science fiction. In the opening of the story a woman wearing a red rayon dress sits in a bar as she often does. She is holding court in the bar, in a way -- she is of low socioeconomic standing but in this place she feels herself to be the aristocracy. Then another woman comes into the bar wearing a red silk dress. This is the dress of which the first woman's dress is a knock-off, and this woman is the class that the first woman fantasizes herself to be.

I do not remember what happens next.

This is not terribly important and it is not driving me nuts as such things sometimes do. I'm just mentioning it on the chance that someone might know.

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Pharmacy vs. Premed

So, I'm thinking about applying to a 0-6 pharmD school or a premed program but don't know which is better.  I'm leaning towards pharmacy but I do want to have a job after graduation, which I definitely will after finishing med school, but that will take a lot longer.

  • My parents are willing to pay for all of school if I go to pharm school but won't pay for premed.  Is it worth taking their offer?  Will I be able to get a job in any field of pharmacy?  Would I be able to live in a large city and still get a job or is it easier to get a job in the suburbs/smaller towns?

  • Is it easier to get into med school after pharmD?  Would I get to graduate early because of credits transferring?

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  Story: Chick I went to school with is super responsibile, doesn't work because her son needs her at home for various reasons.  She lost a kid to SIDS, about a year ago.  When her child was asleep (6ish months old?), she took a shower.  She came out and, well, had to call the ambulance.  Her husband works a job that surely cannot be TOO much more than minimum wage.  She doesn't complain about her lot in life but has mentioned how useful a Kindle e-reader would be because she is legally blind.

I am in circumstances where $59 isn't TOO much of a blow on an almost stranger (haven't even seen her in 15+ years).  I do have her address.  Should I get her that Kindle e-reader or just move on?

Or should I buy myself an HD Fire and send her my 1st gen Fire?

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There is a scene in some movie where a guy is on a plane, cannot figure out the seatbelt and instead ties the two straps around his waist.....

Anyone know what movie I am channeling? ITS BUGGING THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!

You people rock!*

For those of you that do not subscribe to the "normal" holiday celebration stuff, whatcha doing this upcoming week?

* My over-affectionate response to those who answered the question is most likely due to me being sick and really really aggitated that I could not remember the source movie.



what's the last 'crazy story' you heard, or the last crazy thing that happened to you/last thing that made you go "wow that's nuts!"

I met up with a friend today for lunch and she told me that a few days ago, she and her boyfriend were walking back to her apartment at night and they saw someone who was sitting idle in a car throw trash out the window. she quietly made a snarky comment to herself and they both chuckled. the couple in the car apparently heard them and told them to 'mind their fucking business' and called her boyfriend a faggot. he got really offended and tried to confront them about it verbally. the couple got out the car and the guy in the car tried to beat him up, then the lady took a knife or some other sharp object and when he was on the floor she just started slicing him up. my friend quickly pulled her off of him (this all happened very quickly) and only a few minutes later did they realize that he had a huge gash in his neck and smaller ones on his face. at the hospital later that night, the ER doctor said if the cut on his neck had been just a hair deeper or lower, she'd have hit an artery and he would have very likely bled out into the street and died.