December 19th, 2014

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Favourite childhood book and why?

What was your favourite childhood book & what was it about the book/story that made it so?

Mine was Lucy M Boston's "Children of Green Knowe" where a young boy stayed with his grandmother in a wonderful ancient house in which the ghosts of children past came back, statues & ornaments came to life, & garden topiary animals became alive. It was extremely magical & I often reread it now decades on. Infact i have done that so often I had to get a new copy as the old fell apart, I still have my original one too :-)

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working hours of janitors

At my work, and I have worked there for roughly 10 years, typically the janitors seem to do their work after hours. I have always worked evenings, and often I would see people emptying wastebaskets around 8-9pm and busting out the floor cleaning equipment while we were leaving, around 10 or 11 pm.

However now we have a new guy who seems to work 9-5, and he is noticeably more present, moving wheelie bins and the floor cleaning device down narrow halls past people saying "excuse me excuse me" meanwhile I wonder why he doesn't do things later at night when most of us have gone home. (we have separate people to change lightbulbs and do maintenance, so I don't think he is hanging around in the daytime to do that)

What time does the cleaning staff at your workplace, work?
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job offer extension

so ive been offered a job at cvs as a pharmacist. they gave me 30 days to consider the offer. i don't feel like that's enough time to make a decision. i still have a few rotations left and i am torn between working in a retail pharmacy or a hospital pharmacy. i don't graduate until may, so the position wouldn't start until then. basically, i am wondering the etiquette on asking for an extension. how should i phrase it? what is the likelihood that i will get the extension?

Calling all cleaning experts

Any tips for cleaning a house well enough to get our entire deposit back from the landlord?

My fiance and I are not slobs, but we aren't super tidy.  We also have two cats and a large long-haired dog.  (They aren't destructive, but pets are pets.)

I know how to clean, obiviously, but I can't see any harm in asking for any advice that might make my job easier.