December 18th, 2014

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Poll #1992611 when you gotta stay, you gotta stay

Which of the following do you do in the bathroom, when you're going to be there for a while?

Read something you bring in with you
Read something you keep in the bathroom for such occasions
Talk on the phone
Facebook (phone or other device)
Games (phone)
Games (other device)
Surf (phone)
Surf (laptop, tablet etc.)
Nothing at all
Speedy poopster, no time for entertainment
Other (specify in comments)

holiday work cards

at work, departments take a group photo and/or video message and send it as their holiday greeting. they are currently circulating and range from "not so bad" to "hot mess" and include wearing winter/santa hats, butchering saying holiday greetings in other languages, rudolph (or possibly clown) noses, wearing tinsel as an accessory, off-key singing, and much more!

what is the most cringe-worthy thing you've seen or done as a work holiday function? i'm also open to hearing team-building or ice-breaking exercises, regardless of the reason or season.

dk/dc/working is for suckers: whats the best christmas movie or tv episode?

(no subject)

Following on from a previous post, what are your favourite cooking/food blogs? Or other lifestyle blogs, if you prefer; home decor, sewing, crafts, whatever you use for procrastination or inspiration!

Also, just in case this rings any bells with anyone; I have a vague memory of a movie scene (or possibly TV), probably a comedy, in which an American guy is either in France or meeting French people, and he makes a faux pas when doing "la bise" (the French greeting where you kiss on each cheek), by finishing up with a kiss on the lips. My memory is that despite being a faux pas this is received well by the woman he does it to. I kind of want to say it's something like Austin Powers, or maybe it has Gene Wilder in it, but honestly I could be imagining that. Hell, I could be imagining the whole thing. But can anyone tell me that this scene exists, and if so, which movie it's from? Can anyone find me a clip of it?

DK/DC; do you find Winter affects you? Do you slow down, does your sleep schedule go to hell, do you crave all the carbs? How do you get through it?
she blinded me with science!

STEM professor experience

Maybe a year ago, there was a study published that said something like 60% of STEM professors have zero experience in the industry their students are going into. I want to reference it, but now I can't find it. Anyone remember what I'm talking about?

Edit: Found it. It was actually published in 2006; I just read a popular article that mentioned it more recently.

So... um... when you're watching a nature show (or nature IRL), do you root for the predators or the prey? What large predators live in your area?

I mostly root for the predators, except hyenas which are super gross. I see coyotes, owls, and hawks in my area. We also have bobcats, mountain lions, and at least one jaguar, but I've never seen them.


Do you use them? Digital or paper? Do you prefer page-a-day, weekly, monthly, or one big year-at-a-glance? Desktop or wall? If you have a calendar with nice art, do you typically do something to save or preserve the art? Or do you just toss it out?