December 17th, 2014


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What do you regret?

What's the last thing you made?

What's your highest level of education? What did it involve? Was it worth it?

DK/DC; are you looking forward to Christmas/Hanukkah/other mid-winter festivals?

Plant Health Advice?

So I have a braided money tree (Pachira aquatica) that I've had for about 4 years. I'm not generally good with plants, but this one has always been healthy and growing, and very forgiving of me forgetting to water it. I've repotted it three times (once per year) as it got bigger and things were always fine.

I moved in with my SO in June and since then my plant has not been well. In the last couple of months in particular it just been...dying leaves, leaf tips browning, looking wilty and sad. I know how it looks when I've forgotten to water it for too long and that is not the issue here. For a while I was worried that SO had been overwatering it (he's also not good with plants and was afraid I was forgetting to water it and our other plants) but he's stopped watering them at all and its still not well. I've been making sure it gets sun, but that doesn't seem to help to. It was always so low maintenance until this, and I've gotten super attached to it so I really dont want to see it die.

I consulted the internet and it seemed like root rot might be the issue so decided to take it out of the pot and inspect it today. The trunk doesn't seem any softer than usual which is one root rot symptom, but there are the sick leaves. When I took it out the pot however, its hard to tell whats up because like...the soil around the roots is really compacted, like it looks the same shape as the smaller pot the plant had been in before repotting? Shaking it doens't seem to make the soil loosen, and I'm afraid of breaking its roots and killing it that way if I do anything else. With all the soil compacted around them, it makes it really hard to inspect the roots however and try to ascertain their health.

Also it seems the pot I put it into is much bigger than the actual roots with soil stuck around them. I thought it would grow into the new bigger pot (last repotted in april or so) but perhaps part of the issue is that?

Anyone know what I should do at this point? Try to get the dirt around roots off somehow to check them, or leave it be? Stick it back in the pot or put back in smaller pot or replace dirt with new dirt? I really don't want to kill my plant and no idea what to do :[

Computer problems.

Seemingly randomly (there may be triggers but I haven't figured it out yet), my computer will forget what audio is. Also when this happens, if I try to open windows media player, it will tell me that I don't have enough memory and I should close other programs, even if WMP is the only program running. It all goes back to normal for a little while after restarting it, but restarting my computer 50 times a day is super inconvenient. I have tried googling this and I'm either wording it poorly or there is just no info. Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?

Win7 64 bit