December 16th, 2014

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My family is huge. (That's what she said.) I was going to send See's chocolates to each of my siblings' families, but the price of shipping is even more than that darn box of candies. Ghirardelli's apparently won't let me shop from Canada (my family is in the U.S.); I called their customer service line to verify but was redirected to voice mail.

So, I turn to you, TQC: where can I order something to ship to my families? I'd like to keep cost down to about $50 (not including shipping).

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and for the don't know/don't care/don't bother me, Fudge, I'm drinking: Do you like dirty jokes? What's your favorite dirty joke?
i had longing

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What do you guys see as "manipulation" in the dating world?

Would you consider playing on a persons vanity (compliments here, soothing insecurities there) to be seen as manipulation, especially if you don't like the traits you're supposed to be adoring? Or is that just an example of a "white lie?"

Would you consider yourself a good manipulator? Would you consider yourself someone who cannot be easily manipulated? Why or why not?

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My family is doing Christmas gifts tomorow because my mom is leaving Saturday to go visit my sister for Christmas.  She was supposed to leave on the 10th to visit but that fell through.  I'd already given her her main gift before then so she would have the gift for the trip (it was a camera case I knit).  Now I'm trying to find some more gifts so it won't seem like she has none.  I'm going to make a gift basket of items to take on the plane that she might need like tissues and hand sanitizer but I'm at a loss as to what else to get. Any ideas?  What is a must have for you on the plane?



I have two 7-month old kittens, one male, one female. I'm getting them both done on Thursday.

My cats get on really well. They play fight but have never properly fought. Like most cats they do get quite physical when playing. They're cuddly cats, but usually prefer cuddles off each other than me or my husband.

However on Friday they will be left alone in the house from 7am until about 2pm. They're usually left alone for this period of time 3-4 days a week and are fine.

I'm just wondering if I should separate them during the day when she has stitches?
They've never been separated before (they're litter mates) so I'm torn between letting them comfort each other and worrying they might play and she'll get her stitched ripped out.
What would you do?

English, Motherfucker, Do You Speak It?

How do you like other languages to be portrayed in fiction?
For example, if a novel is in English, do you like when dialogue the characters are expressing in a non-English language is written out and then translated, or would you prefer that everything the reader is meant to understand just be described or transcribed into English in the first place? (Perhaps qualified with "he said in [language]" as relevant).
Do you feel differently depending on whether the language is a real world natural language or a fictional construction?
Do you feel differently depending on whether you personally understand the other language?

How in about in movies or TV? Not counting movies that were made in one language but subtitled for broader distribution, do you like when visual media shows characters speaking their own diverse languages, with subtitles for audience comprehension-- or would you prefer other languages be implied by accents or context?
Again, does it depend on whether you personally understand the language? Or whether the language is real or fictitious?