December 15th, 2014

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If you've ever been married, did you get china as a wedding gift? If so, what pattern? Do you have a link so I can see it?

If you've never been married, or were/are and didn't get wedding china, what pattern would you choose if you could? Link?

What is your favorite sour candy brand and flavor?

Opening gifts

My boyfriend has  a handful of Christmas gifts for me. I'm going to florida to spend xmas with the folks on the 18th, coming back the 27th, so I won't be here for actual Christmas day, when I like to open gifts. I can't take all the gifts with me to open there over skype, like I've done before, because I have only a carry-on. He says that one of the things I can take with me, and it's the best one out of all the gifts, in his opinion. He also says it's something I would probably have fun using on my vacation, too. Do I:

A.) Open all the gifts before I leave?
B.) Open just the one that I can take with me and open the rest when I get back?
C.) Don't open any gifts before I leave, and open them all when I get back?

Alternate question, what's your favorite bottled drink? Mine is Arizona green tea. It used to be Arizona Rx Memory, in the blue bottle, but I think they discontinued it years ago.

EDIT: We decided to go with option B, and open it here. He got me a Polaroid Instant Print Digital Camera. I love it!