December 13th, 2014

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Lately, one of my FB friends has had posts showing up on her wall from a third-party site. The write up style didn't sound like her, so I shot her a message. She said that these just keep appearing. Even when she deletes them, they reappear.

Does anyone know how to make this stop?

Don't know/don't care/these are flies not underwear: what's something you'd like to brag about, TQC? I just threw a garbage bag across the length of the garage and right into the garbage can.
Oh J!

(no subject)

Hello TQC!

Last Wednesday my lecturer hand out an assignment related to intermediate environment. To make it short my group was required to find out what kind of meal from the home country (Malaysia) that is possible to enter the fast food industry of the host country (Spain). Since I'm not really familiar about Spanish I have a few questions to ask:-

1. What is the most famous/easiest fast food to find in Spain? Why?

2. What is usually included in Spanish cuisine? (eg: cheese, olive oil)

3. The preference of flavour/how the dishes is prepared? (eg: using less oil since, well, honestly almost all foods in Malaysia are oily)

Your answer will be a really great help !