December 10th, 2014

  • piperki


My office has a kitchenette and the men's and women's washroom doors are located there. So if you're standing at the counter waiting for your lunch to zap in the microwave, a certain amount of traffic to/from washrooms will take place during that time. I have noticed that the men's room can handle way more traffic because visits to it are much shorter.

Women go into their washroom and return anywhere from 3-10 minutes later. Men go into their washroom and either they're inside less than 45 seconds, including washing their hands, or it's such a long time, one loses track. The 45-second thing amazes me: how do they do it? I realize they don't have to get half-undressed as women do, but even so, that is an amazingly fast rate of emptying. How do they go from full to empty so fast? Is there some kind of secret coming-of-age instruction on speed peeing that only men receive?
  • avla

Names of your classmates

could you tell me,
where and when did you go to school?
And please give me several typical names of your classmates
(not necessarily real people,
and not necessarily most popular names/surnames
just names which sound normal for that place and time)

for example,
my school was in Leningrad, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia), I went to the school in 1977-1987
typical names were
for boys:
Alexander Smirnoff, Denis Demchenko, Anatoly Ivanov, Dmitry Matveev, Sergey Tihonov
for girls:
Elena Bakalova, Ludmila Savushkina, Olga Pavlova, Masha Chuslova, Tanya Kozlova, Oksana Fedchenko

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I'm planning to order food to be delivered. The place I'm ordering from is about a mile away, but we currently have snow showers, and there's a some build up of snow on the roads.

I'm anticipating that my bill will be about $50 - $60. Will $20 be a sufficient tip?

Don't know/don't care: well, I don't have an alternate question for you because I am hangry.

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Grammar question here!

There are some grammar rules that I'm never sure of, no matter how I study, and I had no idea how to even search for this doozy. Anyone have the answer to this one? It's a question of wording.

I'm writing a short story, and this is the sentence I'm going for:

"I decided to work on Jim's and my budget."

The part in bold is the part I'm struggling with. Is this worded correctly, or is it "Jim and my" or is it "my and Jim's" or is there some other option that I'm missing? I have no idea, and now none of them look correct to me.

Alternate poll!!

Which of these bothers you the most?

OMG r u going 2nite?
There not who you thought they were.
I want to go, to.