December 9th, 2014

Bite me, bitch...

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I'm graduating on Saturday and my favorite professor/weird uncle is willing to get a hotel room for my folks... but I have to find it.

What are the best comparison sites?
Any other tips or tricks for booking hotels that you can share?

What major changes are happening in your life? My roommate is getting married on Friday and I'm graduating the next day, so it's an exciting time for me. :)

Do you just have something you wanna say? You may do so here.
Just kidding, the entry below me asked that. Do it there. lol.

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Where is a good place to buy art prints online?
I want to buy a print of 'The Swing'  for my friend but have never purchased this type of thing online before.

What is the most unique gift you have ever gotten? Ever given?

Applying flea drops to cats

Does anybody have any good suggestions for applying flea drops to cats who go absolutely crazy when you try to do it? Normally I have help, me holding them down and another person putting them on (which also requires two people to part the fur to even be able to get it on their skin), but now that person is busy all week and they need their next treatment now.
I have no idea what to do, especially cuz I know one of them goes SUPER crazy, and every previous time she's gotten drops she has almost gotten away with me holding her down with all my strength :/ And thats without me having to put the drops on!

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Are you okay with your SO hanging out one-on-one with someone of your gender when it's clear that there are no ulterior motives? Are there situations where this is okay and situations where this is soooo not okay?

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Gallbladder Removal

Hey TQC!

Last week I was diagnosed with gallstones after going to the ER with abdominal pain. I've had the same pains multiple times over the years and even had an ultrasound previously (about four years ago) that revealed no stones. This time though, an ultrasound revealed at least four jellybean sized stones. I'm currently waiting on a consultation with a surgeon for gallbladder removal. Fun.

It'll likely be done laproscopically unless there's an issue where a larger incision is needed.

If you've had this done, any advice you can share? Things to expect?

I've already started a low fat diet and am on pain meds in the interim until surgery can be done.


Driving and pedestrians...

Oh man TQC,

I have never had such a close call with a pedestrian before. So ever since moving to Seattle in September, I am a pedestrian probably about 99% of the time, but tonight I drove to the gym because it would have taken 40 minutes to get there by bus, it was raining, and there is free parking after 9. Anyway, it was dark and raining and although I wasn't STARING at the speedometer at the time, I am pretty positive I was going around 25-30 mph (the speed limit) on an urban non-residential street, lined with pubs and restaurants. Then, out of nowhere, two pedestrians, one wearing all black WITH a black beard appear from the median (like I'm driving with my side closest to the median) and leap out of the way of my car. I slam on the breaks, and luckily, the woman steps back and the man jumps forward.

The man yells at me, "Slow the fuck down, cracker!" (How did he know I was from the South haha?) But like I said, I was definitely not speeding, with both eyes on the road. Obviously if I was going any faster/not looking at the road I would have hit them. It scared the shit out of me.

Since I'm usually a pedestrian, I know NEVER to trust cars, and I could never tell how fast one was going. If I'm wearing all black and it's raining and the streets are dark, I wouldn't decide to just jay walk as a car comes towards me. Obviously they saw my headlights, and I don't feel like it's my duty to stare all the way on the other side of the road to see if any pedestrians will hit my car, as this was not a crosswalk at all.

Am I right?? Like, I have never almost hit someone before, and my adrenaline is still pumping.

What's been your closest call, on either side of this situation?