December 6th, 2014


At Least I Found My Yarn Stash

I have some questions for the crafty members of tqc. So, back in the 90s I learned to crochet, but never really did much. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I started getting the itch to take it up again, so I dug out my crochet stuff. So, now I have a bunch of yarn, a mostly finished scarf(I think), a learn to crochet book, and one crochet hook (size K).

So, what else do I need?
What's a complete waste of money?
Any brands of hooks you'd recommend? Or are they all kind of the same?
If you can't get to a craft store, where's a good place to find yarn? (I'd rather buy it in person than online so I can see how it feels.)

DK,DC,Militant Knitter: When you take up a hobby, do you stick with it or do you lose interest after a while?

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What's your favourite thing about being with your SO?

What's your least favourite thing?

Unrelated... Is there a show or movie that always "calms your nerves" and puts you at ease if there is something worrisome on your mind? For me the first sex and the city movie or any SATC episode never fails.


I have a Nikon D3000, which I got for my birthday/christmas 4 years ago. It has been very well used and is much loved, but I still know absolutely nothing about the technical aspects of photography. I have the lens it came with (18-55mm). I also have a newer lens (55-300 mm) but I hardly ever use it- it's too zoomy for most of the occasions I get my camera out for. I was looking through old photos and I think the quality of photos it takes has gone down - is this more likely to be due to the body or the lens?
It seems like the photos are not always in focus properly/are not as crisp as they used to be. It also seems to struggle in even slightly lower lighting (like anything less than bright daylight)- the photos are possibly a bit grainier. The lens has been dropped a couple of times and it does have trouble turning to zoom (it gets stuck). It could also be due to me not using the camera as much so I'm out of practise/not getting as much of a chance to get good photos.

If it is the lens, are there any lenses you would recommend? I mostly use the camera for portraits or sight-seeing/walks.

If it's the body - is it worth getting a new DSLR? My phone camera is so good I hardly see the point in it any more, but there is something satisfying about my big camera.

Do you have any good links/book recommendations to help me get my head around the technical aspects of photography/cameras? I might take a class or something, I really would like to understand how to play with the settings etc.