December 5th, 2014

Geeky Girls
  • kadevha

Michigan Treats

  My mother-in-law is from Grand Haven, MI and she just adores her birthplace.  I have never been to Grand Haven, let alone Michigan.  Since she doesn't really like to collect anything, we usually get her consumable gifts.  This year, I would like to get a foodie treat from her home state.  I thought about Mackinac Island fudge but it seems that candy shops are a dime a dozen on the island.

Those from MI or with ties to Michigan, do you have any suggestions?  Any particular Mackniac Island candy stores that are just amazing?  My husband said he and his family has been to the island.  And I have learned, it is Mack-uh-naw Island not Mack-i-nack.  Hah!