December 3rd, 2014


I'm applying for more graduate programs trying to find the right fit. I am 29 now. When I was 18 and considerably more foolish, I thought it was a good idea to steal chapstick and of course I was caught and charged w/theft 3. I entered into a diversion program, completed it successfully and paid fines. When I was about 25 I hired a lawyer to have it expunged.

I just want some reassurance that when I am applying for these programs that if I mark 'no, I have never been convicted/charged/etc with a crime' that they will not be able to find my expunged charge and consider me a lying liar who lies. I assume I'll be fine and that it what expungement is there for, but I turn to you folks for validation.

Will they be able to find this old theft 3 charge, or am I worrying too much and everything will be okay? Thank you!

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Music - Lynn Smile

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Hi TQC, I'm trying to find a song, and I posted it in whatwasthatone but I'm not sure how active it is anymore, so I wanted to try here too.

It has a male vocalist, mid-tempo, pop w/ dancey/techno music. The lyrics I know:
"This could be real, or is it just a dream? This could be right..."
"I won't stop until I find you"
"Until my heart don't beat no more."
Also something about burning something to the floor.

Does anyone know what this song is? It's driving me crazy and google isn't helping even though I know complete lines in the lyrics. HALP!
Bug-eyed Earl

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Who sells the best bath towels that aren't expensive? Spent a while looking at online reviews because I hate when you buy towels and then they cover you in lint for months until they get washed enough to get rid of it, but almost everyone complained about lots of lint even on higher rated ones.

Bed Bath and Beyond has highly rated towels that are cheap, but still have lots of lint complaints. Walmart's website says their towels are like 4.5/5 stars but I bought a couple hand towels from there a few months ago and they're falling apart.

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I just got 2 quotes for a tattoo, and used the same reference picture.

One wanted £450 and a whole day session.
One wanted £200 and said just over 2 hours.
Why the difference?

Fwiw, I booked with the £200 one. She has 8 years more experience than the other - which I guess may have something to do with it.

How much have you spent on tattoos?