December 2nd, 2014

  • piperki

I want a magical stress cure

TQC, does anyone else out there get this issue where if your stress bucket is already overflowing, even one more little thing can just tip it--something that ordinarily you could just let go?

What's your favorite way to let some stress out of the bucket without just exploding and making a mess?
sammy sky

(no subject)

Ok, I've gone through and cleaned out everything in my fridge and I've cleaned all the shelves and yet every time I open the fridge I get a big whiff of something gross. What am I missing? What is making my fridge smell bad and how do I make it go away?

What's annoying you today?

(no subject)

does anybody else have to restrain urge to pet a service animal when they see one?

I know i'm not supposed to pet them but I love dogs and whenever I see one I feel like I have to supress my urge to go up and ask if I can pet it.

On that note, for those of you with service animals, how often do you have to deal with people trying to pet your animal? Do you ever let them if they ask first?

(no subject)

Do you ever go to those frozen yogurt places where you get a cup and put in whatever flavors you want and then put on toppings and then pay by however much your concoction weighs?  What is the name of the place you go to?  What flavors do you tend to gravitate towards?  What toppings do you usually get, the same old things or do you mix it up every time?

I love those places but there isn't one near where I live so I only get to go when I'm out of town.  Ones I've been to were named Chill, Cold Snap, and Yoo Yoo's.  I like chocolate or coffee type flavors.  I love chocolate candies of different types, different nuts, and my abolute favorite topping is yogurt chips.  I ususally do some combo of those toppings but will try something new if it catches my eye.


(no subject)

TQC, I need help buying a laptop that will fit what I want. I have general knowledge about computers, but can you guide me towards the most bang for my buck? what type of laptop do you have if you have one, and do you like it?

I am looking for a laptop that will:

- Smoothly run The Sims (3 & 4) without everything being on the lowest settings. I know that a desktop is best for gaming, but I work from home on my work's desktop and I don't have room for another one.

- not cost me more than $800ish

- be able to open programs such a Photoshop quickly without lag.

thanks for any help!