November 28th, 2014

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My boyfriend told me that a girl from his past messaged him on Facebook randomly a few weeks back and she had sent him a couple partial nude photos of herself to him, on her own without encouragement from him. He ended up replying with a ;) to the first picture but when she sent a second one he ended up telling her what she was doing was wrong and that he has a girlfriend and ended up deleting the messages and blocked her on Facebook.

Why do you think she felt this was appropriate when his and my relationship is clear on Facebook with pictures of us together on his profile?

Obviously I was pissed, and wanted to find her on Facebook to give her a piece of my mind but it appears that she has disappeared completely, not even on his block list anymore. How convenient for her..

How would you handle this situation? What would your reaction be?

Gift ideas

Hey, I'm looking for some gift ideas for my boyfriend that aren't crappy cliche gifts like barbeque aprons.

We're in a commited relationship.
We live together.
He is disabled, and has no mobility in his arms or legs, so anything that he needs to physically manipulate is off the table.
He's not super into clothes or shoes.
He usually buys movies, games, software, ebooks, etc. for himself when he wants them.

I want to get him something personal without it being some corny "romantic" gifts that I see on some sites. I dont really have any really good skills in anything to  make for him, but I could give it a shot. Cany anybody help me out with ideas, links, stuff like that?

Will crosspost to ask me anything.
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Finally doing things on LJ.


Super quick question, is there anyone using this page that's born in the year 1997 and/or is in their senior year of high school? I'd really like to find some people to connect to on here that are my age, and I don't have the time to dig deep.

Just to broaden my audience: what has been the most confusing time of your life?

Thanks! ^_^