November 27th, 2014

General Chang

time, where did you go?

So I'm unemployed at the moment and job hunting after finishing a computing masters. For the two first interviews I've got people have rang up and asked if I'm available for interviews the next day.

Is this usual?
How much time do you prefer to have for an interview?

What questions are popular in interviews these days?


(no subject)

I need a new book to read, and I've always been really bad at finding good books. What's the best book you've read recently?

Alternatively, I am looking for a book with a really good love story that is not specifically a romance novel. What book has your favorite love story? Mine would be The Time Traveler's Wife and How to Kill a Rockstar.

(no subject)

I'd like to learn some new recipes.

Currently my favourite go-to's are sweet and sour noodles/sweet chilli noodles, courgettey feta-ey rice, vegetarian chilli, and I like making carrot fries.

I've made quaesadillas before, love mexican, italian and chinese cooking but like to learn.

What have you got for me? (I only really cook vegetarian at home)