November 26th, 2014


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I've tried googling this but there's just so much.. confusing stuff. In a long distance relationship, what would be the easiest/most reasonable way for a person to get a US visa?

We've looked into a fiance visa but we aren't quite ready to take that step, he was also unable to get a student visa.

Dating someone with potential ADHD

I'm wondering if anyone of you have experience dating someone with ADHD or undiagnosed ADHD. I'm dating someone who is not diagnosed but they display a lot of the symptoms characteristic of ADHD and I've recently experienced a lot of frustration and misunderstanding with him. I thought his behaviours seemed inconsiderate and jerkish but if it's legitimately a biological problem, that changes everything. I know he's not a bad person so I'm conflicted about how to manage or deal with this relationship.

Do you have any personal stories to share or any tips or advice? Thanks in advance!
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Shatner's singing

Does William Shatner ever practice before he does any of his songs? Does he have a music coach? Or does he just jump in there and wing it?
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The Angel Tree program is big around here and the tags are starting to be displayed.

Each tag indicates the child's age, appropriate sizing info and three gift wishes.

My question for those familiar: Do you purchase ALL three gifts?

The reason I ask is because I was looking at the tags at my kids taekwondo studio and 90% of them asked for a bike along with two other things.

I don't think we'll be able to purchase a bike but that might mean I probably won't be able to grab any of the tags.

Not sure how to proceed!

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Poll #1990371 For Your Viewing Pleasure

Do you own a Blu Ray player?


Why aren't there more options?

Strongly agree!
Strongly disagree!
Neither agree nor disagree?
Why are we talking about birds?
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Help! Thanksgiving dinner guest etiquette

This afternoon, a coworker very kindly invited me to Thanksgiving dinner with her family because I don’t have any family in the area. I asked if I could bring anything and she swore she has everything covered, but I said I could bring a dessert, like maybe an apple pie. She said her mom is making pumpkin and pecan pies, and I could bring an apple pie if I want but I really don’t need to bring anything.

Well, when I mentioned that, I thought I had a bunch of apples at home, but it turns out that I only have four small apples – not nearly enough for a pie. I live in a rural area, almost 15 miles from a grocery store, and I just don’t have time to make the long trip to the store and then make an apple pie tonight. I’d bring a bottle of wine, but I live in a dry county where they don’t sell wine, and I’m not sure if I could find an open liquor store anywhere nearby tomorrow. The options I’m considering include:
  • Make another apple dessert that doesn’t use as many apples, like apple bundt cake.
  • Make a pumpkin roll, as I have all the ingredients on hand, but I’m not sure if that’s too similar to pumpkin pie.
  • Stop at Walmart or the grocery store on my way to her house and pick up a store-bought apple pie.
  • Other ideas???

What should I do?

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Some co-workers of mine were talking about things they do with their leftover turkey from the pending holiday. Apparently they all make turkey tacos (?!?!?) with the leftover meat. Do you people do this too?????

Do you actually make turkey tacos, you lunatic?

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Cooking advice

So, cooks of the question club, I'm planning on making a quiche Friday, and I was planning to use blue cheese, then I decided that this might be a good time to use up some of the jar of hoisin sauce lurking in the fridge to marinate the chicken breast I was also planning to use and now I have a cheese quandary.

So, does any cheese* pair well with hoisin sauce? Or should I rethink my marinade?

*I'm limited to the selection my grocery store has, so it would need to be something fairly common.

ETA: Since this apparently wasn't clear, I'm not planning to use blue cheese with the hoisin.
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Since my roommate and I are marathoning The Lord of the Rings (extended!) what's the part you're most disappointed they didn't bring into the movies from the books? Same goes for the Hobbit.

Or, alternatively:

favorite flower?

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